Pilot Services

We offer customized staffing solutions built on how your aircraft operates. Different than the traditional full time crewmember roles, we utilize a pilot consortium model to staff your aircraft.

Your Schedule Your Budget

Our pilot model alleviates full time cost requirements while at the same time ensures you never miss a trip. It also alleviates pilot turnover costs as well as gaps in schedules where traditional full time pilots require time off due to annual training requirements, illness and vacation. Our model can be used in aircraft partnerships as well, even when crew duty times are a consideration. Simply tell us your mission and we plan the logistics to ensure your pilots are ready for each and every adventure.

It is our background that makes us different.

Our team has over 125 years of combined aviation experience operating in and out of every part of the world. The JET360 pilot consortium has over 18,500 hrs of instructor time and 26,000 hours of flight time cumulatively giving us the ability to build your flight department, supplement your staffing or provide you with the safest pilots in the sky to be your pilots.

Adam Baker, Co-Founder of JET360, is a top level unlimited airshow pilot. He has built flight departments, managed upset recovery and extended envelope training departments, served on hiring committees and has given over 5,000 hours of instructional training to pilots. He has flown in nearly every aspect of aviation and has gained invaluable knowledge in aviation safety.

Rigorously Trained

We’ve used this knowledge to create our Jet360 pilot team. When traveling with our team, you can rest assured you are flying with some of the safest pilots in the industry. Our pilots are selected not only for their piloting abilities but its the extra that counts with us. All of our pilots have completed airline style formal training with advanced upset recovery and extended envelope training.

We then take our in house training one step further and Adam “Shake n’ Bake” Baker puts them through the paces. Not only do we fine tune stick and rudder skills, but we also focus on aeronautical decision making and how we can make a difference on the ground before a flight even begins. We consider our JET360 team Ace pilots with unmatched customer service.